Andrew"the Wizard" - T-Shirt (Size S, M, L, XL, 4XL)

Andrew"the Wizard" - T-Shirt (Size S, M, L, XL, 4XL)

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Born to Margaret (Cunningham) and John MacFarlane in 1496, he succeeded his father after the battle of Flodden as twelfth Dominus de Arrochar and ninth Chief of Clan MacFarlane and heir-male of the earldom of Lennox. 

His nickname was "The Wizard" from his use of magic tricks/sleight of hand that he picked up while a student in Rome. He also composed the clan Pibroch (pipe tune) "Thogail nam bo theid sinn" which loosely translates to "A lifting the cattle we shall go" (this theme is featured on another CMW shirt). He died in 1544.

100% Pre-Shrunk Cotton 
Short Sleeve

Color: Navy

100% of the profit from this purchase goes to support CMW projects, including genealogy, archaeology, muniments (ancient documents) translation, and more.